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Wifi surveillance camera for smart home security.

Your home is within easy reach with our wireless surveillance cameras.

Xmeye offers you a wide range of full HD 1080P quality wifi cameras, two-way audio, live streaming, recording on microSD or cloud memory card, instant alerts and many other artificial intelligence functions such as automatic movement tracking (Smart Track) on motorized cameras or human recognition. With the ICSEE mobile app, talk to visitors and listen to what's happening anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. 

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The ICSEE application

The ICSEE application brings together all your live or deferred video streams in one place. Receive instant mobile alerts by notification at the slightest noise or movement detected by the wireless camera.

Xmeye cameras record video footage of events triggered by movement or sound.

Maintain full control at all times. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or computer, a few clicks are all it takes to make a virtual leap to your home. The free ICSEE app is available for iOS, Android and any web browser.

You can easily share access to cameras with family or friends while remaining in control. 

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wireless camera

100% wireless camera.

Xmeye cameras have built-in batteries to be free of any wiring. Autonomous, the camera activates when detected and goes back to standby after recording.

two-way sound camera

Two Way Audio Camera

Xmeye cameras let you hear what's going on and respond via the ICSEE app.

artificial intelligence camera

Camera and artificial intelligence

Depending on the model, xmeye cameras can detect and track objects and humans or even detect only human movements

weatherproof camera

Weather resistant camera

Xmeye cameras are IP66 therefore resistant to rain and dust. They are weather resistant and work in any weather.

night vision camera

Night vision camera.

Xmeye cameras are equipped with infrared to allow night vision to see in total darkness.

camera push notification

Smart alert camera

Xmeye cameras send notifications and instant alerts when motion or sound is detected.